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Gloucester County


Mission Statement:

To ensure that all animals rescued and impounded by the Gloucester County CART in the event of a catastrophic or man-made event are cared for safe and humanely until such animals are reclaimed or adopted by a new owner.


Gloucester CART Contacts:

William A. Lombardi - CART Director

Owen G. Sturm - Co-Director

Mark Tourscher – CART ACO

Judy Hibbs - Volunteer Coordinator

Candice Appice – Rescue Coordinator

Dr. Robert Harris – CART Veterinarian


CART Contact information: 

Gloucester County Animal Shelter
1200 North Delsea Drive
Clayton, New Jersey 08312


Ways for volunteers to get involved:

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 856-881-2828 and ask for Judy Hibbs, or check out our Volunteer webpage and search for Animal Shelter


Or Like Us on Facebook:

Follow then like our page.

Any planned events or activities are posted. Several National Night Outs throughout the year.


Gloucester County Animal Shelter handles all Animal Control and Care in all of our 24 Municipalities and has 28 Fulltime employees and 1 Part time and 75 – 100 Volunteers. All paid employees are Essential Personnel. We are deployed by our Gloucester County OEM Department.




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